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the Lake Witch

Established 2018 on the shores of Lake Erie, Lake Witch takes classic witchcraft techniques and makes them modern and accessible. The Lake Witch is a Cancer and has always been drawn to water and inspired by the natural beauty of the lakefront. I worked as a commercial jeweler for a while before I retired to open a bar. Now that the bar is established, I once again have time to create.  All of my wares are meticulously handcrafted with care in my studio using all organic and ethically sourced herbs, florals, crystals and stones when possible.

I was struggling to bring spirituality back into my life and I always knew that the beauty of nature was the most religious experience I have ever had. As I started researching nature based religions, the word witchcraft kept coming up. I'll admit it, I had a bit of a negative view of witchcraft in the beginning, I kept imaging long haired old white men in leather pants talking about dragons (no judging, you wear those leather pants dude!). The more I opened myself up to the idea, the more and more empowered modern women came into my world. But, I still encountered some people that were not welcoming and scoffed when you asked  questions. So as I grew with this practice I decided to be as opening and welcoming as I wished other people would have been with me when I started out. Now I am surrounded by amazing badass women that lift each other up.


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