The Hierarchy of Hell by Lauran Paine

The Hierarchy of Hell by Lauran Paine


The Hierarchy of Hell by Lauran Paine

Hardcover, 189 pages, some illustrations.

Published 1972 by Hippocrene Books

ISBN: 0709130279 (ISBN13: 9780709130277)

Condition: Very good

Dust Jacket: Library style in very good condition


The idea of hell came into Christian theology already fashioned by thousands of years of evolution. Pagan in origin but eminently suitable to Christianity both in theory and in practice, the concept appears in the earliest records and changed through the years in exactly the same way that human beings and their gods changed. This book traces the concept of hell from earliest times to the present, showing where Christianity and other theologies borrowed from each other and helped create the story of hell and eternal damnation, as well as Satan, his princes, demons, wights, imps, and devils. The author also explores the inherent problems of Hell, including the possiblility, probability and propriety of its existence, drawing some conclusions which even sophisticated readers may find surprising.


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