Equal Vs Unequal by Nance McCullough

Equal Vs Unequal by Nance McCullough


Equal Vs Unequal by Nance McCullough

Paperback: Rare first edition zine/lecture format, 24 pages

Published 1980 by Biography Press

ISBN: 0-936916-00-1

Condition: Good, some rough edges on cover at bottom



Equal vs. Unequal has charts done both with equal house erections and unequal house erection, showing the superiority and validity of the equal chart, as opposed to the unequal chart.In his heavily documented and well researched book, The Elements of House Division, Ralph Holden states that the equal chart is the most proficient of the fourteen different house erection methods. Ms. McCullough takes this further and uses actual case studies to show detailed comparisons between the two methodologies.

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