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as of 1/7/2021, there are still large shipping delays thru USPS. 

Over the holidays about 90% of the packages that I ship out aren't getting scanned in at regular intervals at the post office. Some get the initial check-in scan, but no other scans along the way. Others get no check in scan, and suddenly arrive at their destination. Even local-to-Cleveland shipments are experiencing extreme delays. All shops and makers nationwide are experiencing the same issues, and the postal service isn't functioning as it should.

I am compassionate to your concern about your packages being delivered. I apologize for not being able to offer more insight into the specifics of why your label hasn't been scanned in or tracked at all, but I only know as much as the information that is being provided by the local and national news. I included some links below with detailed information. Information on how to file an insurance claim with the USPS is at the bottom of the page.

News Updates:

1/7/2021: US Postal Service in Northern Ohio delivered less than

a third of mail on time the week before Christmas

12/27/2020:  Shipping services continue to be overwhelmed by pandemic


12/23/2020:  Historic record of holiday mail means post office may fail to deliver millions of packages by Christmas

12/11/2020:  Northern Ohio USPS district ranks third worst in on-time delivery in country


To file a claim with the USPS about a missing (or damaged) package. Go to THIS PAGE for instructions.

You will need your receipt, tracking number, and the shipping confirmation email. If you are having troubling finding these in your email, please reach out and we will be able to send you a copy.

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